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Menno's Honey

You cant beat the taste of honey fresh from the hive. Drop by the farm and stock up on our raw honey.
Our pride honey is orange blossom, which is available from October to January. Local Blue Gum is also delicious and is available all year round.
You can find our 'Menno's Honey' branded bottles in selected retailers, delicatessen's, pharmacies & butchers throughout the Easter Cape.

The ancient Egyptians, Assyrians, Chinese , Greeks & Romans have used honey for centuries as a medicine for the treatment of 60% of ailments including the treatment of skin allergies, burns, diseases of the digestive tract, earache, sore throats, coughs & colds and many more.
Honey is also well respected as an antibacterial treatment for wounds and infections and also for its inflammation inhibiting properties.

Once reserved exclusively for Kings and the Elite, honey, one of natures true miracles, is now freely available and accessible to just about anybody.

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Bee pollen is widely accepted as one of the worlds most nutritious food sources. Athletes the world over have used Bee pollen to overcome degenerative conditions and boost performance. Remember Muhammed Ali, the famous World Champion Boxer? Well, he took bee pollen tablets daily throughout his illustrious career. He was also the boxer who coined the phrase ‘float like a butterfly, sting like a bee’ before proceeding to do just that in the ring!

Bee pollen has over 96 active nutrients, including 22 amino acids, 27 mineral salts, 16 vitamins (including B-12), trace elements, fatty acids, hormones & enzymes.
Gram for gram, pollen has 50% more protein than beef and is known as a ‘super food’.
The Georgian beekeepers of the former U.S.S.R. are rumored to have lived to 150 years of age, thanks to the honey & pollen they consumed!